Thursday, 5 February 2009


Ohhh, I'm so excited.

2 things.

1. I've booked a holiday!

Yesssss. Get paid, spend it all on a holiday: that's my mantra. Actually, technically my friends booked it for me, but we includes me, so yey! It is one whole week in March, snowboarding in the french alps- Chamrousse à precision! Boy do I wanna be slipsliding down those slopes, right right now! Plus, I'm really looking forward to seeing my pals since it's been too bloody long!

Cause for excitement, I think you'll agree. Ouis?

But maybe even more exciting is....

2. I've fallen in Love!

...with a diary. My diary. :)

Don't look at me like that- this is the genuine article! And don't you get jealous, oh blog of mine, this is the appointement recording type, you are not being userped as my thought recorder, so settle ye down.

It's A5. Black. Slim. Soft. MOLESKIN- oh yes, you're reading me right! Their monthly planner in point of fact. There's always something quite thrilling about a new diary, and it's taken me quite sometime to meet "the one" this year, but after long deliberation I have taken the plunge into a long term relationship with my handsome, moleskin planner. And the novelty of a monthly layout rather than weekly or daily, and the notion of a whole year of turning its thick cream pages, and endlessly scrawling miscellaneous notes in its perfect, intermittant lined pages is... nearly enough to send me over the edge!

So you see I have much to be gleeful about!

Imagine the pleasure I'm about to incur by writing my holiday details into my new diary....


More anon.

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